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Can one tree bear fruit of different species?


In this website, you will discover hundreds of paintings elaborated in a wide array of stylistic approaches, all of which could not be from anybody else but myself. So no grafting was necessary: only the conviction that the old « one style per artist » norm need not apply in the studio.

Outside the studio, it’s a different story; this conviction runs counter to the prescriptions of art historians, critics and even  fine arts academia. It throws a wrench in the value producing machine of the of the art market, a monster that feed on the ethos of individuality, which depends on the claim of an empirical  equivalence of signature and style.

It is my contention that the bodies’ traces are evidence enough, and that no biographical effort, no psycol-socio-political economy can exhaust their meaning. Theses traces, because they are the marks left by a body that is, like all bodies, singular, bears the singularity that is style.

Style is always at the heart of expression, and forever at the fringes of understanding. It does lend itself rather well, however, to another kind of speculative,  more intuitive reflective process. I have included, as a kind of backdrop or companion to each line of stylistic lines investigation, philosophical poetic musings, "quasi stories", if you will. As any product of intuition, they are the metastasis of hubris, hope, i.e. desire. and as such can be interpreted as symptoms, bearing in mind, of course, that pathology, here, is the sign a humorous and critical distancing.

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